About the Iran Human Rights Review

best cryptocurrency exchangeThe Iran Human Rights Review (IHRR) is a project of the Foreign Policy Centre that was launched in October 2010, with this standalone site launched in January 2014. The IHRR seeks to be an important resourcefor policymakers and activists that brings together information and analysis on the human rights situation in Iran. From January 2014 new editions of the IHRR will be available  in English and Farsi (فارسی) with executive summaries in Azeri (آذری) and Kurdish (کوردی). The Foreign Policy Centre is a UK-based, independent, progressive foreign affairs think tank. Through eventspublications and analysis, the Centre aims to develop policy ideas and inclusive partnerships that promote a fairer world. The Centre has three Co-Presidents, representing each of the UK’s major political parties:
  • Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education
  • Baroness Margaret Jay of Paddington, former leader of the House of Lords
  • Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP, former leader of the Liberal Democrats
The Centre was launched in 1998 and founded by the then Foreign Secretary, the late Rt Hon Robin Cook, with Rt Hon Tony Blair as patron. The Foreign Policy Centre talks in a language people understand. We seek to engage with all people who are interested in foreign policy, whether from political life, the media, the private sector, voluntary organisations, students or the general public. For further information visit the main Foreign Policy Centre website.hashfare

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