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The Foreign Policy Centre publishes the Iran Human Rights Review to bring together the thinking of established and emerging analysts, activists, academics and politicians around the world to examine the many human rights challenges in Iran. Issues will be published periodically and focus on specific themes. The full issues of the IHRR will be available in English and Farsi (فارسی) with executive summaries provided in Azeri and Kurdish (کوردی).

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Latest Issue: Justice [September 2014]

The latest edition of the Foreign Policy Centre’s Iran Human Rights Review (IHRR) which focuses on justice brings together contributions on many aspects of legal and social justice in Iran and looks at topics often ignored in mainstream human rights and academic debates. Co-edited by Tahirih Danesh and Hadi Enayat, this issue highlights that lack of justice in the Iranian administration not only affects human rights activists and opposition figures, but in fact ordinary Iranians whose plight is marginal to mainstream human rights and academic debates.

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