Leili Nekounazar

Leili Nekounazar is a PHD researcher at the Literature and Cultures Department of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, (KULeuven). She has a Bachelor's degree in journalism from the 'Daneshkadeh Khabar' (Faculty of News), Tehran-Iran. She studied Cultural Studies for her first Master’s degree at the Faculty of Art, KULeuven, and Cultures and Development Studies (Anthropology) for her second (advanced) Master’s degree at the Faculty of Social Science, KULeuven. Currently, under the supervision of Professor Anneleen Masschelein she is writing her thesis on Fashion and Aesthetics Politics in Post-Revolutionary Iran. Leili won a scholarship from Annenburg School of Communication and Journalism to conduct a research on Iran’s exile media and the coverage of elections. Leili has contributed to BBC Persian's talk shows and its website. She has written on topics including pop culture, cultural semiotics and analysis.

Articles by Leili Nekounazar