Nazenin Ansari

As an Iranian journalist with Kayhan (London) and formerly of Persian News Network of Voice of America, Nazenin has conducted hundreds of interviews with Iranian intellectuals, politicians, civil society and religious leaders, businessmen and ordinary citizens. She has provided news analysis on international news channels such as BBC World, Sky News and Al-Jazeera English and her commentaries have been published among other places in the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, the Guardian, Fabian Review and openDemocracy. She has also been an invited guest speaker at events organized by Chatham house, Georgetown University, the Foreign Policy Centre, Legatum Institute, the Fabian Society, the Doha Debates, the Intelligence Squared, the Conservative Middle East Council and the German Marshall Fund amongst others. Nazenin has worked with a number of Iranian cultural foundations and is now on the Board of Trustees of Encyclopedia Iranica. As President and Vice President of the Foreign Press Association in London, she formulated new initiatives such as the Dialogue of Cultures programme, aimed at fostering greater understanding between cultures and visions. She is also one of the Judges of the UK Parliamentary Press Gallery Award, presented annually to the journalist considered to have made the greatest contribution internationally to the 'protection, promotion and perpetuation of parliamentary democracy'. She is a member of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). Nazenin received her International Baccalaureat Diploma from Iranzamin, Tehran International High School in 1977. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from George Washington University in Public Affairs and Government in 1980, and Master of Arts degree from Georgetown University in International Relations and Comparative Politics (the Soviet Union and the Middle East) in 1983.

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