Sedigheh Vasmaghi

Sedigheh Vasmaghi was a former Tehran University Professor on the subject of Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic law and the first woman who earned a PhD degree in Islamic jurisprudence and principles of Islamic law from Elahiat College of Tehran University. She has published numerous articles and books. Her book titled ‘Woman, Jurisprudence, Islam’, which takes a critical approach to women’s rights in Islamic jurisprudence and was translated in to English and published in Germany. In her book, ‘The shortcomings of fiqh’, she criticizes some principles of the Islamic jurisprudence. In her other publications on the Islamic jurisprudence, she has emphasized the need for reforms in sharia. She is an advocate of equal rights for women and believes that the civil and penal codes are not part of the Islamic sharia. She was a member and the spokesperson of the Tehran City Council for four years at the beginning of the reform movement in Iran. Her memoir of this period, entitled ‘Surely there is a way’ was published in Paris. Moreover, a collection of her poetry was published in Sweden in Swedish language.

Articles by Sedigheh Vasmaghi